The Forged Alliance RC (FARC) is a national motorcycle riding club founded in New York City by a group of riders known as The NYC Crew. FARC was formed on November 18, 2006. The NYC Crew has been around since May 2003.

We are AMA Chartered as a social club. We are not a “one brand club.” All models and makes of motorcycles are welcome, as are riders of both sexes. We are family oriented. We are not competitive riders. FARC is based on old school traditions and values. We ride to enjoy the scenery and the company of friends. Our primary goal is to have fun.

We strive to promote a positive image of motorcyclists, safety, and camaraderie wherever we go. We obey all traffic laws and protect our members by adhering to safe riding practices. We consider ourselves to be ambassadors to the public for all motorcyclists and conduct ourselves accordingly.

We have no regularly scheduled meetings and very few rules. We do ask that you have either a valid motorcycle license or permit and that your paperwork is in order. We are not an internet based riding club and there is an expectation that members participate in chapter scheduled rides and events. We communicate mostly either through website postings or our Yahoo! Email List that can be accessed from the link on this page.

Since we are family, each member has an equal say in making decisions for the Chapter. We encourage and appreciate anyone who wants to "step up to the plate" to lead a ride, recommend a destination, or help out with our membership recruitment efforts. In the same vein, we believe that it is healthy to disagree and openly discuss issues to resolve them. Majority rules and there are no hard feelings.

We are a Riding Club. Simply put...We ride!!

We attempt to ride at least one day on the weekend, and our Road Captain posts a Ride Calendar each month outlining the rides. Having a posted Ride Calendar is great, but this never stops our members from taking a scoot together for a burger after work, or on days not covered by the calendar. If you want to ride, and want company, post the ride. There's always someone that's going to show up.

Joining a riding club such as FARC ensures that there is always someone to ride with and share the adventure. Membership is $25.00 per year. New members receive the club patch on payment of their first years dues. You can apply for membership online. Acceptance into the club is subject to the clubs bylaws. I look forward to seeing you on the road. Until then...Ride Safe

National President